Wave to your neighbors and fight epic battles for the coolest, most awesome waving of all! Move your hand to make the coolest gestures!

The game was made with a hand-made Makey-Makey glove in mind.

Instructions for Makey-Makey:

  • Using a right hand glove, place some conductive material in its fingertips and its palm.
  • Make it so that when you close your hand the fingertips can touch the material in your palm.
  • Connect the thumb to the "space" input.
  • Connect the index finger to the "right arrow" input.
  • Connect the middle finger to the "up arrow" input.
  • Connect the ring finger to the "left arrow" input.
  • Connect the pinky finger to the "down arrow" input.
  • Connect the palm to the "earth" input.

Instructions for Keyboard:

  • Preferably use your right hand.
  • "Space" key is your thumb.
  • "U" key is your index finger.
  • "I" key is your middle finger.
  • "O" key is your ring finger.
  • "P" key is your pinky finger.

This game was made for the Global Game Jam 2017, under the theme "Waves" and with a Makey-Makey controller in mind. Art was made by Guilherme Pradulla and music was waved into existence by Bruno Gazoni, as usual. The following waves were also by Bruno:

Published Jan 25, 2017
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorAntworks Studio
Made withUnity
Tagsggj17, makey-makey


Duel of Waves 21 MB
Source 30 MB

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