Death of a Cowboy is a puzzle in which you need to find a secret hidden in each scene to unveil the narrative, going deeper and deeper into the character's consciousness.

The game was made in 48h for the Indie Speed Run 2015, with art by Juliana Akemi and soundtrack by Bruno Gazoni.


Level 1: press Space when touching the man on the counter

Level 2: grab the beer with Space and then press Space on the bench next to the man on the empty stool.

Level 3: Speak to the invisible girl on the chair to the right.

Level 4: move to the empty stool next to the man on the counter and press L.

Level 5: speak to the people on the table counter-clockwise, starting with the man in red.

Level 6: stand still for a few seconds.

Level 7: enter the right wall, between the two vases, then interact with the wardrobe.

Level 8: just like level 1.


Death of a Cowboy - 8 MB